Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Re: Opening a new Window with a Widget in GWT

I've been wondering the same thing ... though it certainly seems like
the accepted practice is to use the PopupPanel and DialogPanel. In
fact, I can't remember seeing a GWT application that used more than
one browser instance or tab. In theory, you can style the GWT panels
to look more like separate windows, but the way they're implemented,
you can't drag them off the main window (which can be confusing to a


On Nov 12, 5:05 pm, trippledes <majid_amman_la...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Before you start shooting me down i have checked for answers and i
> have googled till my fingers bled but i havent been able to find a
> simple, concise answer. So im asking again for all those that might
> have this problem.
> Question: how to open a new window with a formpanel in side.
> Context: i have an app that lists lots of items, i want someone to
> edit an entry, i want a new window to open so they can edit properties
> then hit save. A standard thing you find in a lot of applications.
> Architecture: I have one client module called UI, it has a dozen
> classes that draw widgets and fill a main area when selected from a
> menu. I have a single html page called UI.html which has the tag in
> the head. Thats it.
> Options Ive Seen
>    1.      Call Window.Open() but you need to define a html file. I
> dont have one. I can create an empty one but how do you inject a
> widget in to it ?
>    2.      use jsni $wnd to create a new window and get a reference to
> it. But how do i inject a form panel into it ??
>    3.      use a popuppanel/dialog panel. They look sucky - plus if
> opening a window through JS is quite simple i would expect it to be in
> gwt.
> Maybe im miss understanding how to use GWT i dont know.
> Any help would be appreciated even if its to correct my application/
> thinking of GWT
> Thanks

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