Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Re: Get a PDF from the Server

Thank you both, I realized that I could do less parameters passed and
just fetch the data from the DB again. I'm very close, but I'm running
into an odd problem. In the Request Builder I pass two arguments like:
RequestBuilder builder = new RequestBuilder(RequestBuilder.GET,"/

When I get to the HttpServelet I am able to do:
String user = p_request.getParameter("user");
int weekNum = Integer.valueOf(p_request.getParameter("weekNum"));

However, the doGet method seems to be called twice and the second time
the request is missing those values. Have you guys run into that

On Nov 30, 5:42 pm, Jeff Chimene <jchim...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 11/30/2010 02:52 PM, Sean wrote:
> > Hi, I apologize in advance, I am extremely new to HttpServelet and
> > RequestBuilders, so if this is a dumb question, I apologize. I
> > typically just work with RPC's, but I don't think this will work in
> > this case.
> > I have the user select a bunch of options from the website, then I hit
> > publish, and it sends the data to the server (using serializable
> > objects, not Strings) and on the server a PDF is generated, and I want
> > to return the PDF. I can send the objects, make the PDF, but I can't
> > return it using RPC's.
> That's correct.
> If you search the list, this has been discussed many times. You'll
> probably want to post the raw data to the server, then enable a "get the
> results" button after generating the PDF. But, I don't know the user
> requirements.
> I've also done the following: establish an invisible frame with a NULL
> URL then on a certain state change in the main UI: 1) change that
> frame's url to the generated PDF, and 2) make the frame visible.
> > After googling a bunch, it seems I should be using a RequestBuilder
> > with an HttpServlet on the Server side. However, it seems you really
> > can't send much data with the request, just a single string. Am I
> > supposed to encode all the data into one string and then decode it on
> > the other side? That seems like a huge hassle, one I will have to re-
> > do for every Servlet, compared to RPC's.
> > For example, I am sending a bunch of SoftballGame objects. Each with
> > their home team, away Team, time and which team is selected to win. I
> > don't want to have to encode the team names, as well as the time and
> > selection into a string, and then do that for all the games.
> That's one solution. The other is to establish a server session,
> incrementally accumulate each team's info, then publish it on demand.
> > What's the proper way to attack this?
> There is no "proper way". You just have to be aware that you can't
> retrieve a PDF file like you would any other RPC response. If
> implementing solutions to that limitation is what you mean by "proper"
> (as opposed to accumulating the team data), then the "proper way" is to
> use a GET to a URL that returns data encoded as an "application/pdf"
> mime type. I prefer a GET to a POST, as my users might want to bookmark
> the URL, and I  will not send data that cannot be encoded in the URL.

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