Monday, November 29, 2010

HorizontalPanel align in uibinder......

Hi all,

I want to display three buttons at the right of a horizontalpanel, and
then I'll add something on the left. But first, how do I get these
buttons at the right? I've read somewhere to put the in a cel, but it
doesn't matter.
Setting a stylename, setting the horizontalalignment on the cell (or
the button), setting the style on the cell, nothing is displayed in
the browser, as if I didn't type it. What's wrong?

.subpanel { // the subpanel is completely ignored (looking at
text-align: right;
float: right;
align: right;
<g:HorizontalPanel width="100%">
<g:cell width="80px" horizontalAlignment="ALIGN_RIGHT" // the
horizontalAlignment is ignored
style="text-align:right;" // the style is ignored (looking at
styleName="{style.subpanel}"> // the
stylename is ignored (looking at firebug)
<g:Button ui:field="buttonAdd" text="{i18n.add}" />
<g:cell width="80px" horizontalAlignment="ALIGN_RIGHT">
<g:Button ui:field="buttonDelete" text="{i18n.delete}" />
<g:cell width="80px" horizontalAlignment="ALIGN_RIGHT">
<g:Button ui:field="buttonEdit" text="{i18n.edit}" />

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