Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Re: Starting GWT dev mode within Eclipse causes Maven-managed resources to disappear

On 17 nov, 15:45, Chris <crehb...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Nov 17, 6:03 am, Thomas Broyer <t.bro...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Well, if your resources are to be shared with GWT apps only, then how
> > about making a GWT module and putting them in the "public" path, so
> > the GWT compiler copies them to the output folder?
> Because we have 5 GWT apps using the same web resources and the point
> was to avoid duplicating them 5 times in source control.

Hence my proposal: use a GWT module with a "public" folder containing
the shared resources, and <inherits/> in all of your GWT apps. When
compiling a GWT app, everything from the public source will copied to
the app output folder (the subfolder in the "war" folder).
It might not be what you wanted though.

> > Or maybe those resources shouldn't be put into that folder to begin
> > with (it has always been the case that the <module-name> folder is
> > "GWT controlled" and always cleared by the GWT compiler before it
> > actually generates anything; it might have not always been the case
> > for DevMode but I don't see an issue with DevMode doing the same thing
> > as the compiler).
> This isn't a GWT compiler issue.  Nothing in this folder is generated
> by the compiler - all that goes to a subdirectory of target/<module
> name>.  Plus, this didn't happen with previous versions of GPE.  It
> started after upgrading to 1.4.0.

I just faced that very same issue, and a coworker too!
Eclipse 3.6 SR1
GPE 1.4.0
Maven projects using m2eclipse 0.10.2 with m2eclipse WTP integration.
Launching DevMode in -noserver, with src/main/webapp as the "war"
folder, it clears the whole src/main/webapp folder with the exception
of the WEB-INF/ folder, and it creates a subfolder where it puts the
*.nocache.js, hosted.html and clear.cache.gif.
The exact project layout is:
- myapp-shared: declares our GWT-RPC interfaces, depends on:
- gwt-servlet(scope=provided) for the RemoteService interface
- myapp-client: client-only code, depends on:
- myapp-shared(scope=provided) for the GWT-RPC interfaces
- myapp-shared:sources(scope=provided) so it has access to the Java
- gwt-user(scope=provided)
This is a <packaging>war</packaging> project, the GWT app is
compiled through gwt-maven-plugin at the prepare-package stage (note
that because of the packaging and m2eclipse, it happens to be a WTP
project, but is not deployed by itself to any server; also, its src/
main/webapp is completely empty)
- myapp-server: server-only code, implements the GWT-RPC as
RemoteServiceServlet-s, depends on:
- myapp-shared, for the GWT-RPC interfaces
- gwt-servlet
- (several other maven modules)
This is a <packaging>jar</packaging> project
- myapp: this is the webapp, with <package>war</packaging>, depends
- myapp-client(type=war), will be used automatically as an overlay
by maven-war-plugin
- myapp-server
- guice-servlet
- (several other maven modules)
This is the WTP app that's being deployed (to a Jetty 7.x instance,
using the Jetty WTP plugin)

I'm launching the myapp-client project "as Web Application" and
selects myapp/src/main/webapp as the "war" folder (note, myapp, not
myapp-client; so that the *.nocache.js is created there, I refresh the
folder and WTP automatically publishes the files to the server)

Result: the src/main/webapp/myapp is correctly created with the
*.nocache.js file, but the rest of src/main/webapp is cleared out,
with the exception of src/main/webapp/WEB-INF.
it even messes up with SVN, as an "svn update" (outside Eclipse, I'm
not using subclipse) doesn't recover the missing files!

> > As a last resort, you can still use -noserver...
> As a last resort I can simply copy the resources back into the folder
> after GPE deletes them and before I load the app in my browser.  It
> just seems broken that GPE is deleting whatever it wants from the
> build output directory when starting Jetty.

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