Wednesday, October 31, 2012

stella Rondonuwu, Nick Cannon, and 3 others have Tweets for you

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A Good Day To Die Hard Official Trailer
Bruce Willis is back as John McClane in a Good Day to Die Hard! In the latest installment McClane goes to rescue his son in Russia and finds out that he is a undercover CIA operative. The fifth Die Ha …
Tweeted by
Nick Cannon

Creatives bring forth new worlds
These artists can create new worlds through sheer imagination and persistence.. Hollywood's New Leaders from the entertainment source: Variety. Creatives bring forth new worlds.
Tweeted by
Ashley Tisdale


Jessica Rhoades @Jess_Rhoades 30 Oct
Toasting to variety's New Leaders with @ashleytisdale. Such a fun night with fantastic people.
Retweeted by Ashley Tisdale and 147 others
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WONDER GIRLS @WonderGirls 29 Oct
@NickCannon with our fav @NickCannon ..We really learned a lot and had so much fun with him that day!! See u
Retweeted by Nick Cannon and 27 others
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Drizzy @Drake 29 Oct
Everybody bigs each other up until somebody gets big.
Retweeted by chianté and 11197 others
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David Yohanes @David_YT 30 Oct
Retweeted by stella Rondonuwu and 1 others
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THE X FACTOR (USA) @TheXFactorUSA 28 Oct
Our girl @ddlovato is performing the National Anthem during Game 4 TONIGHT at 7:30pm ET on FOX. #goodluckdemi
Retweeted by demetria lovato and 6030 others
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