Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Re: gwt unit test Canvas getCoordinateSpaceWidth()

Yeah, this issue is actually a big deal for us, we are a canvas-heavy app and its killing our unit testing from the get go.

19 Ekim 2012 Cuma 16:10:55 UTC+3 tarihinde Emre Esirik yazdı:
public class CanvasTest extends GWTTestCase {
          public String getModuleName() {
                    return "com.MyModule"
          public void testCanvas() {
                Canvas c = Canvas.createIfSupported();

                int value = c.getCoordinateSpaceWidth(); //FAILED

gwt unit test failed while getting canvas coordinatespacewidth also,

public class AsyncRequestTest extends GWTTestCase {
          public String getModuleName() {
                    return "com.MyModule"
          public void testAsyncRequest() {
               request("http://localhost:8080/myservice"); //FAILIED    
         public static native String request(String url) {
                 var AJAX = new $wnd.XMLHttpRequest();
                 return AJAX.responseText;

this code is work at project but it is failed at gwt unit test.I guess this fails is because of gwt unit tests uses firefox 3
. Application is drawing canvas application and this errors stops me :(

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