Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meet GWT's new sexy cousin: Lienzo!

Meet GWT's new sexy cousin: Lienzo!

Today we are extremely happy to announce the alpha release of our latest product, called Lienzo. Lienzo is a Structured Graphics Toolkit that extends Canvas and is completely built from the ground up using GWT. This is not a wrapper of any sort, it is a pure GWT implementation of Canvas. Lienzo is released under the Apache 2 license and can be used in both open source as well as commercial applications free of charge.

For years we have been constrained to the functionality and specifications provided by HTML elements. The time has come where you can finally let your imagination go wild. Grab your digital brush, get a hold of your Canvas and paint your Mona Lisa!  The limit is now really just your imagination. Lienzo brings to your fingertips the full power and flexibility needed to create the next generation of slick, previously unimaginable widgets, games and animations needed to build your dream suite of development products.

This alpha release features:

- Lightning fast shape detection algorithm.

- Supports for multiple Layers.

z-index reordering: moveUp, moveDown(), moveToTop(), moveToBottom()

Transforms, rotation, offset, scale for all Shapes.

- Web and Mobile shape events support.

- Support for shadows.

- Support for linear and radial gradients as well as patterns.

- Direct support for shape stroke and filling.

- Support for shape colors and transparency.

- List of implemented shapes:

* Rectangle
* Rounded Corner Rectangle
* Lines
* Dashed Lines
* Support for Line Caps
* Support for Line Joins
* Arcs
* Circle
* Ellipse
* Quadratic Curve
* Polygons
* Stars

- Support for Groups and Groups of Groups.

* Group as many shapes as you want and even Groups of Groups and treat them as a single entity.

- Direct Dragging Support for Web and Mobile.

- Text support with Horizontal and Vertical Alignment.

- Text measure support for both width and height.

- Scaled Text

- Image support based on URL and even ImageResource.

- Image Dragging support.

- Built-In Image Filters

- Drag constraint (bounds, vertical and horizontal)

- Video support

- Built in JSON serialization for the entire viewport of elements.

* Serialize your Lienzo View and persist it locally or over the wire via JSON.

There is a lot more coming in Lienzo. Just to name a few things: animations, transformations, collision detection, and more!  Lienzo is revolutionizing the way we write software in Java; it truly embraces Java's "Write Once, Run Anywhere" motto. The same code can be run in a mobile, web, or desktop environment. Say hello to a specification-bound API.

The future for Java is now.  The future of Java is here, with Lienzo and the undeniable power of canvas.

An explorer with some examples and source code can be found at:

In most of the views all shapes are draggable!

Lienzo Forum:

Download Lienzo 0.1.0:


The Emitrom Team

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