Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Re: GWT 2.5 Java 5 runtime(!) compatibility

Yeah, well.

To put some kind of closure to it, it appears Jens is right about the Java 6 API use.

I tried to be super-smart by running gwt-servlet.jar through retrotranslator - which can also verify the result against a given classpath.
Turns out there are several occasions where String.getBytes(Charset), String.isEmpty, java.util.Deque is being used in GWT 2.5. server-side codebase.

Bummer, at least this finally confirms that anyone doomed to still use Java 5 based servers will be unable to user anything newer than GWT 2.4 from this point on.

That's really disappointing...

Am Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012 16:11:08 UTC+1 schrieb Samyem Tuladhar:
You can always stay with GWT 2.4 as well. 

On Tuesday, October 30, 2012 11:08:58 AM UTC-4, Jens wrote:

Still, other then saying that it is so because it has been said so - I still don't see an argument why the gwt-servlet.jar would technically require Java 1.6. 

True, but some day you have to make the cut. Technically they probably have used a Java 1.6 API somewhere thats not available in Java 1.5. So if you compile using target 1.5 you still can't use the library because a Java 1.5 JVM does not provide the needed API. In that case you would get a NoSuchMethodError at runtime.

A good example for this is String.isEmpty() which has been introduced in Java 1.6.

-- J.

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