Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Re: GWT vs SmartGWT

Hi Kumar,

SmartGWT has an extensive subsystem for interacting directly with WSDL web services from the browser.  Some samples here:

This is all part of the free LGPL product, assuming you don't need a server-side proxy or can handle your own proxying.

Specifically for WSDL there is nothing really comparable for plain GWT, or for GXT that I can find.  You'll see people recommended contacting WSDL services from the server side:

More generally, Alfredo gave a fairly balanced view: it depends on how demanding your requirements are.  If you need to do everything that SmartGWT grids can do, or even just a few key features (like say, freeze columns on the fly + inline filtering) you are years of R&D away from that if you start with plain GWT.  We know because we did the R&D :)  This is true even if you use incubator functionality.

On Monday, October 29, 2012 2:47:08 AM UTC-7, kumar thatikonda wrote:
Hi All,
   Can you please let me know which of the option( GWT or SmartGWT) is better, considering the below scenario.

  1. Will be used for designing screens and client-side validations.
  2. Performance ( page loading , grid loading) should be good.
  3. Need to communicate with server through wsdls(web services.)

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