Monday, October 29, 2012

Re: performance problem on andorid using phonegap

Andrea to help you more information are needed.

Can you show how do you attach event, create widgets and populate the DOM ??

Thank you.

Il giorno lunedì 29 ottobre 2012 11:07:13 UTC+1, andrea casati ha scritto:
hi all guys!

i develop a very small application to test gwt the first using MVC i create a button and a teextarea, pressing the button the number in the textfiel growing up

this is the entry point:

public void onModuleLoad() {


ModelP model = new ModelP();


ViewP view = new ViewP(model);


ControllerP controller = new ControllerP(model, view);


in the model there is a varaible and a function to increment the variable;

in the view there is simply a button and a textarea

in the controller there is a clickListener that listens the button and increment the variable.. very simple a stupid program, non css , non html changes.. nothing..

i only add this line   <inherits name=''/> in the xml to maintain the compatibility with android ICS..

when i run this program in my android ics phone (512ram, 1ghz cpu) using phonegap the program is terribly slow (on the pc is perfectly fast), i mean…if i press the button, the textfield 

growing up after 1 second!  :(

can you help me? :)

thanks a lot!

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