Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Re: performance problem on andorid using phonegap

ok, sorry :(
this is the controller:

public class ControllerP {

private ModelP model;

private ViewP view;

ControllerP(ModelP model, ViewP view) {

this.model = model;

this.view = view;

view.addButtonListener(new ButtonListener());


class ButtonListener implements ClickHandler {


public void onClick(ClickEvent event) {






this is the model:

public class ModelP {

public int i;

public ModelP() {

i = 0;


public void incrementI() {





this is the view:

public class ViewP {

public TextBox textBox;

public ModelP model;

public Button button;

public ViewP(ModelP model) {

this.model = model; 

textBox = new TextBox();

textBox.setText("hello world!");


button = new Button("click");





public void addButtonListener(ClickHandler handler) {



public void aggiornaI() {





the css for the textBox and the button position:

#button_container {

position: absolute;

top: 6em;

left: 1em;


#text_container {

position: absolute;

top: 6em;

left: 10em;


and finally in the html file i add only this:

<div id="header_container"></div>

<div id="button_container"></div>

<div id="tab_container"></div>

<div id="text_container"></div>

<div id="image_container"></div>

very very simple, and very fast on the pc..but on the phone is incredibly slow

thanks a lot for the help!

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