Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Re: Cross field validation on client

Haven't tried it yet but as GWT BeanValidation has implemented the JSR303 TCK tests you should be able to create custom validation annotations and a corresponding validator.

That way you would end up having something like

@ValidPassword(repeat = "repeatPassword") //custom annotation that links to the repeat password field
String password;

String repeatPassword;

The validator for @ValidPassword would check against your password policies and also check the "repeatPassword" field. This should work on the server too.

-- J.

Am Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012 12:43:57 UTC+1 schrieb Hans:

I'm building a registration form with two password fields being validated on client side using GWT Validation framework.

Is there any constraint for doing so (validating a value against another field)? Or what's the best way to implement this (should work on server, too)?

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