Wednesday, October 31, 2012

GWT, dependent projects, GWT Compiling, and deploying


I'm not sure how exactly this is supposed to be accomplished, but...

I have a GWT project that has no Entry Point.  It is basically a number of classes, etc., that will be shared among different projects.  A "common" library, if you will.

And, I have a project that I'm actually working on, that depends on the Common project.

I am using GWT 2.4, and am developing through Eclipse.

Now, when I run in debug mode, everything works fine.

At this point, though, I want to perform a GWT compile through Eclipse, and then I have a build.xml that will grab the files from the war directory, and create a .war file.

Unfortunately, when I put together the .war file and deploy it on my Apache server, I notice an exception that a class couldn't be found - it's one of the classes from the Common project.

1) Does the GWT compile, when compiling and writing the various files to war/(myprojectname), war/deploy, etc etc actually compile the code from the Common project and put it in here as well?
   1a) If so, then why am I getting the exception?
   1b) If not, then how do I correctly compile the Common project (since it has no entry point) and include it in my main project?

Thanks.  I get the feeling I'm missing something right in front of my face, but can't figure out what it is.

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