Tuesday, June 29, 2010

UiBinder - VerticalPanel not applicable for the argument SelectElement ...


I'm using the UiBinder *.ui.xml files to create a modestly complex
layout. I elected to use the DockPanel and VerticalPanel to put things
into four columns. Within each Vertical Panel I started using <table>
and <tr> tags, but found they were not compatible. It is now use
<g:cell> and <g:Label> tags instead, but I'm still running into issues
with select tags.

Now here are a series of questions I've got.


1) The latest error is it gets:

05:42:36.099 [ERROR] Line 47: The method add(Widget) in the type
VerticalPanel is not applicable for the arguments (SelectElement)

which I presume is for:

<g:cell><select ui:field="discovery"/></

What is the solution here? Does this need to turn into a <g:ListBox>

2) More importantly, where is the best documentation for UiBuilder
tags? I'm finding that you cannot just mix some tags with HTML tags.
The documentation I'm finding isn't quite adequate.

3) What is the difference between <g:VerticalPanel> and
<g:VerticalPanelLayout> ?

I'm familiar with GWT all the way back to version 1.4, but not the new
UiBinder feature in 2.0. What is the best book that covers that new

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