Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Re: UiBinder - VerticalPanel not applicable for the argument SelectElement ...


<g:ListBox ui:field="discovery"/>


<select ui:field="discovery"/>

HTML-elements and widgets can only be mixed in a HTMLPanel...

On 30 Jun., 02:32, alan <alan.sny...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Background:
> I'm using the UiBinder  *.ui.xml files to create a modestly complex
> layout. I elected to use the DockPanel and VerticalPanel to put things
> into four columns. Within each Vertical Panel I started using <table>
> and <tr> tags, but found they were not compatible. It is now use
> <g:cell> and <g:Label> tags instead, but I'm still running into issues
> with select tags.
> Now here are a series of questions I've got.
> Questions:
> 1) The latest error is it gets:
> 05:42:36.099  [ERROR] Line 47: The method add(Widget) in the type
> VerticalPanel is not applicable for the arguments (SelectElement)
> which I presume is for:
> <g:VerticalPanel>
>                             <g:cell><g:Label>Discovery</g:Label></
> g:cell>
>                             <g:cell><select ui:field="discovery"/></
> g:cell>
> What is the solution here? Does this need to turn into a <g:ListBox>
> tag?
> 2) More importantly, where is the best documentation for UiBuilder
> tags? I'm finding that you cannot just mix some tags with HTML tags.
> The documentation I'm finding isn't quite adequate.
> 3) What is the difference between <g:VerticalPanel> and
> <g:VerticalPanelLayout> ?
> I'm familiar with GWT all the way back to version 1.4, but not the new
> UiBinder feature in 2.0. What is the best book that covers that new
> feature?

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