Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dynamic UI rendering using GWT

We are developing a web application and planning to use GWT in the UI
layer. Some of the UIs needs to be dynamically generated/rendered. The
data for rendering the UI comes from an external system. For example,
for a specific item A, the external application provides data saying
the page requires 2 text boxes with labels and one submit button. For
another item B, the application provides the data saying for item B,
we need to have 5 text boxes one submit button and one cancel button.
So how can we address this scenarion if we are using GWT in UI layer.
As far as i understand, the development process for GWT is:
* Define the Java class with the required UI needs.
* Compile the class into HMTL+Java Scripts.
* Deploy the same.

If we look the above flow, dynamic rendering/dynamic UI generation
looks to be impossible if we use GWT framework. Is this true? If not,
have you come across any such scenarios and any solutions
thanks in advance.

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