Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Re: Anyone finds Contacts2 confusing?

Thank you guys for all the insight. As Sean and Thomas pointed out, I
do believe that being able to junit test the "P" is a good idea and
thats what drawn me to look at the MVP-2. It was only after looking at
the example and realized that it took so much effort to it and make me
think it might be counter productive.... at least in the short term.
Long term though I am pretty sure it with proper architecture a big
project will ripe the benefit. Mean while, I will keep looking into
that and see what I could come out with and be more comfortable with
all the boilerplate codes...

And PhilBeaudoin, thanks for the pointer to a framework for helping
with the boilerplate, I will definitely look into that and perhaps
that might be what I am looking for in.

Thanks for all the comments and tips,

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