Monday, June 28, 2010

Re: how to control the pixel sizes of a Grid?

I gave it a last try: I bundled the code that creates the panels into
a single method, so that I can easily switch between the panel and no-
panel version. This should make sure that there are no other things in
the code that may cause the verttical space.

In the no-panel version I explicitly set the pixel size of the image.
But there is still the verrtical space. So by just switching 2 lines
of code you can verify that the Panel version works, but the non-panel-
version does not. There must be something wrong with the Image itself.
However, I verified (window.alert) that the image.getHeight returns

I can live with the panel version, but I cannot live with not knowing
what's wrong with the non-panel version. :-) I currently wonder if
there are some styles associated with the Image class. (How can one
retrieve the assoicated styles?) However, the Image style in gwt/
standard/standard.css is empty...

Below is my code. Maybe someone is also interested in finding out
what's going on there.



import ics.client.gui.brd.img.WikiMedia.Resources;

public class Board extends DockLayoutPanel
// cell type
private static final int CTP_CNR = 1; // corner
private static final int CTP_ANH = 2; // annotation, horizontal
private static final int CTP_ANV = 3; // annotation, vertical
private static final int CTP_CTR = 4; // center

private static final int cs = 50; // cell size:
private static final int as = 20; // annotation size

private int bs = cs * 8 + as * 2; // board size

public Grid grd = new Grid (8+2,8+2);


public Board ()
super (Unit.PX);
init ();

private void init ()
setPixelSize (bs,bs);

grd.setCellPadding (0);
grd.setCellSpacing (0);
grd.setBorderWidth (0);

// create corner cells

for (int y = 0;y < 10;y += 9)
for (int x = 0;x < 10;x += 9)
initCell (x,y,CTP_CNR);

// create border cells

for (int i = 1; i < 9; i++)
initCell (i,0,CTP_ANV);
initCell (i,9,CTP_ANV);
initCell (0,i,CTP_ANH);
initCell (9,i,CTP_ANH);

// create inner cells

for (int y = 1;y < 9;y++)
for (int x = 1;x < 9;x++)
initCell (x,y,CTP_CTR);

private void initCell (int x,int y,int ctp)
int xs,ys;
String s;
ImageResource r;

switch (ctp)
case CTP_CNR: xs = as; ys = as; s = "ics-Board-Annotation"; r =
null; break;
case CTP_ANH: xs = as; ys = cs; s = "ics-Board-Annotation"; r =
Resources.instance.nlh (); break;
case CTP_ANV: xs = cs; ys = as; s = "ics-Board-Annotation"; r =
Resources.instance.nlv (); break;
case CTP_CTR: xs = cs; ys = cs; s = ((x + y) % 2 != 0) ? "ics-Board-
Cell-B" : "ics-Board-Cell-W"; r = Resources.instance.nil (); break;
default: return;
SimplePanel p = createPanel (xs,ys,s);
grd.setWidget (y,x,p);
if (r != null)
Image i = new Image (Resources.instance.nil()); // (r);
i.setPixelSize (xs,ys);


grd.setWidget (y,x,i);


private SimplePanel createPanel (int xs,int ys,String stl)
SimplePanel p = new SimplePanel ();

p.setPixelSize (xs,ys);

p.addStyleName (stl);

return (p);


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