Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Re: Creating new Presenter/View in a Presenter

On 30 juin, 17:31, Jyaif <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am beginning to work on a big app created in GWT and I have a
> question regarding the MVP pattern in GWT.
> I have read,
> and I understand that the AppController creates Presenters, and
> provides them a rpcService, an eventBus, and a view.
> This makes it easy (among other things) to target mobile phones or
> desktop computers by submitting different views to the Presenters
> However, if one of the Presenter creates some widget, also programmed
> in a VP fashion, it will be the Presenter's responsibility to
> instantiate the view for the widget :-(
> How can I make it so the Presenter knows what kind of view (mobile
> phone/desktop) it has to create?
> Should I submit to all my Presenters a Factory with the methods
> newViewForWidgetA(), newViewForWidgetB(), etc... ?

Yes, more or less. But I'd encourage you to use some dependency
injection framework, such as Google GIN, to make this waaaay easier to
write and maintain.

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