Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Re: Javascript in HTML Object works in FF not IE

thanks for the reply.

I am getting HTML with <script language="JavaScript"> in the html for
onClick events.
Can you elaberate on eval?

I do not see setInnerHTML in a HTML or HTMLPanel or ScrolPannel.

after closer review, looks like I am setting the HTML in the
constructor of the HTMLPanel.

On Jun 29, 1:48 pm, André Moraes <andr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> How do you load the script?
> You add a script tag or download the javascript code and then make a
> call to eval?
> Another question, the information retreived by the requestbuilder is
> only javascript (json) or had html too? If your case is the second,
> you could use setInnerHTML.
> On 29 jun, 15:16, skippy <a...@2lehmans.com> wrote:
> > I have seen several postings about this, but have not seen a clear
> > answer.
> > I have some non compiled javascript that is loaded into an HTML object
> > by using a requestBuilder call to my legacy jsp application.
> > When clicking on a link in FF the javascript works fine.  However, not
> > is IE.
> > I have seem recommendations that the javascript needs to be in the
> > module HTML page.  This works, however, does not scale very well.
> > Two Questions:
> > 1) Why is this working in FF and not IE.  Some MAC browsers are also
> > OK.  I must be missing some basic concept.
> > 2) What is the correct approach to having onClicked/ onSelect events
> > in HTML access non compiled Javascript.
> > Thanks for your time.- Hide quoted text -
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