Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Re: Roadmap Question for GWT 3.0

Where can I read that GWT RPC and widget system will be dropped with GWT 3.0? Is there a presentation / doc online?

And what does it mean that GWT.create will be dropped?

And: really dropped or set as deprecated?

GWT 3.0 drops support for JSNI and GWT.create(). JSNI will be replaced with JsInterop and GWT.create() will be replaced with either annotation processors (generate-with case) or dependency injection/System.getProperty (replace-with case). So all library code of GWT which depends on those two features need to be ported to the new GWT compiler. 

Widget is probably doable but GWT-RPC might be really difficult (if not impossible) because the current GWT-RPC generator asks questions like "give me all types that implement XYZ" which an annotation processor can only hardly answer (if at all). GWT-RPC might be portable if some refactoring in the app using GWT-RPC is acceptable (e.g. slapping annotations on DTOs instead of marking them with Serializable).

You can see videos about that topic from the GWT 2015 meet up at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1yReUCGwGvrqscLu1EAyYRPrr0ceEHLE

Slides are linked in the playlist description.

-- J.

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