Monday, July 20, 2015

@GwtUnreachable annotation


I haven't found an easy solution to this problem: a function, written in java, should call different implementation when used from browser and from server code. E. g.

void download(String url) {
    if (GWT.isClient()) {
    } else {

native void downloadNative(String url) /*-{ ... }-*/);

void downloadJre(String url) {

This doesn't work if `downloadJre` references classes not available in GWT (netty, for example).

There's a solution, use super-source to override `downloadJre` implementation with dummy implementation that does nothing. However, I think it is inconvenient.

I'm thinking about easier to use alternative: @GwtUnreachable annotation.

GWT has @GwtIncompatible annotation. When function is marked as @GwtIncompatible, GWT just does not see it.

@GwtUnreachable annotation should be somewhat similar: when GWT compiler encounters a function that is marked as @GwtUnreachable, it parses it as a function with body `throw new IllStateException("unreachable")`

E. g. in the example above `downloadJre` function will be visible to GWT as a function that unconditionally throws, thus it is successfully parsed and validated, and that function is later dropped by the GWT optimizer.

Any thoughts?

Stepan Koltsov

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