Friday, July 31, 2015

Re: celllist multi select opens current page in new window?

Me again...

This code seems to work (and I'm posting it here in case it helps someone else).  If anyone thinks this will cause issues somewhere else, and is kind enough to respond, I appreciate it!
        // trap the shift-click || ctrl-click launch of a new browser window.
        cellList.addCellPreviewHandler(new CellPreviewEvent.Handler()
            public void onCellPreview(final CellPreviewEvent event)
                NativeEvent evt = event.getNativeEvent();

                //shift-click || ctrl-click
                if ((BrowserEvents.CLICK.equals(evt.getType())) &&
                        ((evt.getShiftKey()) || (evt.getCtrlKey())) )
                    //Window.alert("Shift-Click Event");



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