Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Re: gwt-maven-archetypes multiple project setup

On Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 4:05:24 PM UTC+2, William Davis wrote:
So I found a solution, but I am a little unclear why it works and what is the best practice. Before when it wasn't working I had this dependency in my server project:

When I removed the <type>gwt-lib</type> and rebuilt, it put the library-core-server.jar in the web-inf/lib directory which was put in the war and that made it work when I deployed the war.

Am I incorrectly using the  <type>gwt-lib</type>?

gwt-lib is for client-side JARs where the sources are also packaged inside the JAR.
Rule of thumb: you should only use <type>gwt-lib</type> in POMs with <packaging>gwt-lib</packaging> or <packaging>gwt-war</packaging>, there's no reason to use them anywhere else (unless you use the gwt-maven-plugin without the gwt-lib/gwt-app lifecycles)
Is there a better way to make sure that jar gets put in the war?

No. The proper way to declare server-side dependencies is to use <type>jar</type> (or omit the <type> as "jar" is the default)
Will anything not work correctly if I don't put in the  <type>gwt-lib</type>?

For server-side modules, no.

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