Thursday, July 23, 2015

CellTable Memory Leak in IE8


Our company uses GWT 2.5.1-rc1 and many of our customers (healthcare) use IE8. We were hopeful that the memory leak in CellTable would have been addressed by the memory leak fix for FlexTable. That leak (Issue 6938 - was fixed in 2.6. After grabbing the fix and merging it into the 2.5.1-rc1 code, we can confirm that FlexTable indeed is fixed and no longer leaking. However, we still have leaking resources in CellTable. I've written a small sample application to demonstrate the code that leaks. It's available on BitBucket for anyone to pull.

The root cause of 6938 was described in a Microsoft Connect page:
In it, it describes multiple reasons for the leak, including:
  • rows with ids
  • cells with ids
  • code that references a row.cells expression, even if it does not store or use the result (that's the fix in 6938)
  • code that does not set row.innerHTML to null after invoking table.deleteRow() for the row.
I imagine that the CellTable leak is related to one of the conditions above. I suspect the last one as I never do actually see any setting to null of innerHTML in the javascript. Wanted to check in to see if anyone on this forum had any ideas on where we could investigate next.


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