Wednesday, July 22, 2015

no runtime error stacktraces showing up in devmode

I'm running devmode through maven plugin (only mention because I'm not sure it is related) and I can't seem to get
any stack traces of errors encountered from the client code.

When I run my GWT app, I don't see any third tab appearing like example here:

(see it has a Hello (FF) tab).

Nor, any nice stack traces like this:


Everything is hidden or behind a javascript error, for example I put this in my code:

Integer i = null;

Which should obviously generate a null pointer, but rather than a nice stack trace, I see this in the Chrome console but nothing in devmode window or on the terminal console.

[15:32:37.971] "Wed Jul 22 15:32:37 GMT-400 2015
SEVERE: (TypeError) : i_0_g$ is (TypeError) : i_0_g$ is null
at Unknown.onModuleLoad2_0_g$(
at Unknown.execute_64_g$(
at Unknown.doExecuteCommands_0_g$(
at Unknown.run_7_g$(
at Unknown.fire_0_g$(
at Unknown.createCallback_0_g$/<(
at Unknown.apply_0_g$(
at Unknown.entry0_0_g$(
at Unknown.entry_1_g$/<(
at Unknown.anonymous(Unknown)

Any idea what I'm doing wrong, why can't I see stack traces anymore.   I'm using GWT 2.7 with chrome and would really appreciate any help.   It is difficult to debug without nice stack traces!


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