Sunday, July 26, 2015

Re: payment transaction.


Le samedi 30 mai 2015 21:42:16 UTC-3, Trez Ertzzer a écrit :
I would like to know how to solve a problem that I cannot figure out:

I have an gwt RPC service:


public interface GreetingService extends RemoteService {

PayResult proceedPayment(PaymentRequest paymentRequest)


And of course the Async.

public interface GreetingServiceAsync {

void proceedPayment(PaymentRequest paymentRequest, AsyncCallback< PayResult > callback);


With the name of the function you understand that the gwt client is going to request the payment and the server (GAE) is going to proceed to payment.

My question is the following:

imagine that the client calls the proceedPayment function sucessfully. The server receives the request but while the payment is being processed on the server, the client connection fails.

what happens then?

On the client side the onFailure methode is called --> the client believes the payement has failed...

On the server side the payement has been successfully performed.


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