Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Re: GWT 2.8 update

I have been using Java 8 to compile GWT for many months.  What I'm concerned about is the ability to use Java 8 syntax in code common to both client and server.  The current situation means I have to either avoid Java 8 features altogether or develop in two different sets of Java syntax for client and server.  

As I said, the release of Java 8 features has been promised as 'coming soon' for about 9 months.  This is not really what I would expect from a widely used framework with a good reputation.  At the very least could we have more openness about the state of Java 8 features in GWT, and the prospects of a release quality implementation?

On Tuesday, 21 July 2015 16:53:44 UTC+1, Rogelio Flores wrote:
You can already use Java 8 to compile GWT 2.7 if that helps you at all (just don't use Java 8 syntax on the client side yet). I've been using it for over two months without any issues.

On Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 7:41:09 AM UTC-6, steve Zara wrote:
I am in the same situation.  Having seen suggestions of the likely release of GWT 2.8 for the start of this year, I'm eager to switch to the use of Java 8 syntax.  One of GWT's selling points has been the use of the same language across client and server.  Right now we are stuck with Java 7 on the client and soon there will be previews of Java 9 on the server.  If It was announced that GWT was to remain at Java 7 I would have no problem.  What is difficult is having Java 8 features regularly promised but with no delivery.  I'm working on critical commercial software, so snapshots aren't enough.
I love using GWT - please don't let this change!

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