Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Re: GWT 2.8 update

On Tuesday, 21 July 2015 20:51:36 UTC+1, Jens wrote:

 At the very least could we have more openness about the state of Java 8 features in GWT, and the prospects of a release quality implementation?

First of all 2.8 SNAPSHOT releases are production quality code as Google runs their apps from the Git master branch as well as other companies (the company I work for also uses snapshot builds of GWT and we never really had a problem)

Thank you - that is useful to know. 

That being said Java 8 syntax support is available in 2.8 SNAPSHOT builds and works very, very well. What is not available is any kind of Java 8 API emulation (java.util.function and the like) and the Google GWT team kind of expects the community to provide these emulation as contribution to GWT. The reason is that the Google GWT team heavily works on a new GWT compiler and JsInterop.

However contributing Java 8 API emulations isn't really fun as soon as they require Java 8 syntax (I have done a few patches, see https://gwt-review.googlesource.com/#/q/project:gwt+branch:master+topic:java8-emul). The reason is that Gerrit still triggers a Java 7 build, which fails of course as soon as Java 8 syntax is used, and that the Java 8 build of GWT fails on the CI server for some unknown reason with assertion errors that do not make any sense, see http://build.gwtproject.org/job/gwt-java8/ . I tried to reproduce the assertion errors locally and on CI servers of the company I work for but didn't had any luck.

Maybe a 2.7.1 release should be done with all the fixes and Java 8 syntax support. Seems like JsInterop 1.0 is further delayed and Java 8 API emulation is far from complete. 

That sounds like an excellent idea.  I would find this being available in an official release of GWT would be really useful - not because I don't trust snapshots, but it would help reassure clients who use my products.   This would also, of course, permit Java 8 syntax to be used in Android and iOS development via gwt-phonegap.

For now I will start to make use of the snapshot jars, and I will look forward to a possible 2.7.1 release.

Thanks for the helpful reply.
-- J.

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