Friday, July 24, 2015

Re: Celltable keep selection after updateRowData

I had a look at my styles for the celltable. It appears that after the reload, the celltable sets the following styles on the selected row:
.cellTableKeyboardSelectedRow, .cellTableSelectedRow

While clicking on another row the cellTableKeyboardSelectedRow is set to the new row, the cellTableSelectedRow stays on the old selection.

Since both styles look the same, it appears that there are 2 selected rows.

I tried to set a NoSelectionModel, but I can still select rows via mouse/keyboard and both styles are still applied...
Anyone know, whats the proper way to get a singleSelection in this cellTable?


Am Freitag, 24. Juli 2015 16:29:55 UTC+2 schrieb Manuel:
Hi everyone,

I use the gwt celltable and get a problem, when reloading data:
Im using single selection model with it.

So after the celltable is loaded the first time, the data is displayed (9 records). I select one row and reload the data via a button.
The data gets fetch from server and updateRowData(0,receivedData) is called.

The new data is now displayed and the previously selected row is still selected. Thats good.
But when I select another row, the previously selected row stays selected and the newly selected line is also selected. So it appears, there are 2 rows selected, even though I got a single selection model.

Same workflow on the datagrid, do not cause this problem.

Does anyone know, how to solve this?
Thanks in advance.


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