Saturday, August 23, 2014

SuggestBox initial selection in Firefox

We're using the SuggestBox in a few places and one thing is messing up our users. If you have the mouse placed over the area where the suggest box is going to appear, the entry that is under the mouse cursor automatically gets highlighted after the suggest box actually does appear.

This happens in Firefox but not Chrome. In Chrome, when the suggest box appears, no entry is highlighted until you actually move the mouse, which is what we want.

I haven't tested other browsers. I should note that this appears to be a Firefox-specific issue because I've noticed the same behaviour in Google, GMail, and Facebook. But thought I'd ask anyway: can anyone think of a way of making sure no item is selected when the suggest box first appears, even if the mouse happens to be there already? (I've tried SuggestMenu.selectItem(-1) already.)

-- Kyle

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