Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Re: Cross field validation on client


I was looking at the link , and it's not clear when the validation is executed. it seams it is executed each time data is sent to the server!!???. If it's the case, this could be a performance problem since we might have some complex validation processes that we want to execute only when we call some service methods (in a perfect world we would be able to decide on the client or server side if we want to execute a validation or skip it).

this is really an issue because RequestFactory is thought as a rigid architecture : the user entered data can be reused only if the validation failed (otherwise the EntityProxy becomes frozen, and there's no easy way to duplicate an EntityProxy). So the best way to check a precondition constraint is in the validation process. The issue is that you have the choice between two scenarios: 
  • You can do your checks in a specific service method, throw an exception and handle that in the onFailure() client side method. But!!! you cannot reuse the EntityProxy anymore since it's frozen
  • You can do your checks in the validation phase, so you can keep your EntityProxy reuasable, But!!! the validation is made each time you send data to the server (which can be a hard resource consumption issue)
So the question is: is there a way to controle whether the server side validation process has to be made? (a per service method configuration or a runtime check switch)?

Any suggestions are welcome, and thanks for reading

Le mardi 30 octobre 2012 12:43:57 UTC+1, Hans a écrit :

I'm building a registration form with two password fields being validated on client side using GWT Validation framework.

Is there any constraint for doing so (validating a value against another field)? Or what's the best way to implement this (should work on server, too)?

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