Saturday, August 30, 2014

Re: SuperDevMode and Tomcat

When you make a change on client code you need to hit the DevMode On -> Compile button again so that the CodeServer recompiles your app. GWT 2.7 with "compile per file" will make that a lot faster than GWT 2.6. You can try compile-per-file when using GWT 2.7-SNAPSHOT from maven if you want. If your client side changes are not picked up after recompile then you have not correctly set-up SDM.

When you make a change on server code you have to "redeploy" your app. How you do that is up to you, SDM doesn't really care about your server. For example you could configure Jetty to use a file watcher and redeploy automatically when a file changes, you can use your IDE to manage your server, you can start your server in debug mode and let it reload classes if possible, or just redeploy manually. There are quite some ways to make "redeploy" a server app faster. If you have the money you can even use JRebel.

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