Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Re: GWT and BV/javax.validation 1.1

On Wednesday, August 20, 2014 2:32:54 PM UTC+2, Ted Gulesserian wrote:
I had to upgrade to JPA 2.1 today to be able to use this feature:

It also required upgrading Hibernate.  In the process I ran into the same issue that Jörg ran into.

My solution was to hold back hibernate-validator to 4.2.0 as my version of hibernate (4.3.6) still works with it.

My concern is that if GWT development has wound down, and Google is no longer bankrolling it,

I have no idea what you're talking about.
no one is going to take on this project, and I am sure there are other projects that use BV 1.1 that GWT developers will be unable to use.

As said above, only GWT client-side code is impacted. Using GWT (which only supports BV 1.0) does not mean you cannot use BV 1.1 on the server side.
If there is a straightforward and practical way of using a different version on the client side versus the server side, the GWT devs should at least explore that option.

It depends on your build tool and project layout.
It's straightforward and pratical if you use a layout similar to theses Maven archetypes: Just have the *-shared and *-client depend on BV 1.0 and the correct version of hibernate-validator, and *-server depend on BV 1.1 and a more recent hibernate-validator.
I use the built in Eclipse debugger extensively, both for client code as well as my server code, so the solution should definitely not break the eclipse IDE tools, because I think it's one of the best features of GWT development.

So you've not yet been impacted by the DevMode end-of-support by major browsers that forces everyone to switch to SuperDevMode? Are you using Internet Explorer?
Anyway, I just want to tell all the devs that I love this platform,  it has re-ignited my passion for making applications, keep up the amazing work. 

My two recent favorite features:

Editor Framework
Using the combinaion of Requestfactory with JPA.

FYI, Google, for one, no longer maintains (invests time into) those features and we've been talking about moving them (at least RequestFactory) to "libraries" rather than bundling them in GWT proper (widgets have a direct dependency on the Editor framework though, so it won't be possible for that one). They're still maintained though, but currently not by people who are paid to do so (AFAICT, at least that's my case).

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