Saturday, August 30, 2014

Re: SuperDevMode and Tomcat

I too am trying to make sense of SDM and trying to get productive using it...but it's not coming easy.

I like Joe's suggestion of running to console windows but I haven't had great luck with the Maven GWT Plugin to launch the app so I just use IDEA to launch both servers...that part seems okay.  However I haven't figured out how to update the app when either client side or server side code changes are made.  Joe says to cycle tomcat...what does that mean?  One would need to build & deploy then cycle it seems.  Then in the does SDM know you made client changes?  Do I have to re-select the Dev Mode On button?  That rebuilds and restarts the app.  (And even that did not pickup my last changes).

Then don't get me started on the IDE agnostic issue...yes it does...but that's a huge problem as the although the debugger in Chome is good it's only 10% of IDEA and the code in Chrome is just a read-only copy of the real code in the I'm constantly going to the real code to figure out what has to change and then manually finding those same classes in Chrome (and Chrome provides no help to find anything unlike my IDE) to set breakpoints/etc.  Very ineffective workflow.  I must be missing something.


On Friday, August 29, 2014 12:03:57 PM UTC-6, Tomek Kańka wrote:

W dniu czwartek, 28 sierpnia 2014 21:11:59 UTC+2 użytkownik Joseph Lust napisał:
It's really pretty painless and makes you IDE agnostic.

It also makes your IDE obsolete:).
No debugger in client code (SDM) and no debugger in server code (maven).


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