Thursday, August 28, 2014

Re: Moving to Maven


thank you! I have worked through all the links and I think I have got the basics now.

  • I am able to create a single project using the codehaus plugin or the one from Thomas
    I see that Thomas' plugin creates a more granular project structure:

  • I am also able to do the development process (compile, install, and so on)

  • I also are very excited because of the way you work with super dev mode:
    just two terminals for the two servers, instead of point and click in eclipse
    (Thomas. great work!)

So I believe I could migrate a standalone project to maven. But I don't know how to migrate projects that depend on each other.
Consider the following example:

  • GWT Application: a normal GWT app
  • GWT Library: a library based on GWT, to be used in client-side code
  • Java Library: a library based on pure java, to be used in server-side code

The Java Library is simple: The compilation is a jar file to be included in the application's WEB-INF/lib directory.
The GWT library was a little bit tricky to me: I remember some difficulties to configure this setup in eclipse. I think I had to add the other project's source folders to the build path, so that the GWT compiler sees the GWT library's sources.

How can I do this with maven?

  • Which archetype for the a pure java library?
  • Which archetype for the GWT library?
  • And last but not least: How to integrate the two libraries into the app project?
I would be glad if I get enough information to migrate my projects.
This would be great!


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