Saturday, August 30, 2014

Make gwt website crawlable without hash symbol?


In GWT we need to use # in a URL to navigate from one page to another i.e for creating history for eg. but due to which I am facing a problem in sharing the url. Google scrappers are reading the url only before # i.e.

Now I want to remove # from my url and want to keep it straight as

I am unable to do so. How can I do this?

When user navigates the app I use the hash urls and History object (as to not reload the pages). However sometimes it's nice/needed to have a pretty URL (e.g. for sharing, showing in public, etc..) so I would like to know how to provide the pretty URL of the same page.

We have to do this to make our webpages url crawlable and to link the website with outside world.

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