Wednesday, August 27, 2014

GWT App in Offline mode

Hi all,

I have to enable my app to work in offline mode and to continue working even if the browser is reloaded. I'm currently struggling with caching. I thought of doing the following:
  • Get all the needed data from the server when the application loads (list of app users, user roles, customers, configuration data, etc.) and cache it on the client using LocalStorage. Is this the right way to do it?
  • Get all static resources (mostly images, button icons, etc) by using ClientBundle. This, if i'm not mistaken will also perform caching but I'm not sure if these resources will remain cached even if the client is offline and the browser is refreshed?
  • In my app users define their own button layout and can upload their own images and use them in the layout. Therefore, when application loads I need to get these images from the server and cache them on the client to enable the layout to show correctly. Do you have any sugesstions on how should I do this, since these images are not predefined in compile time but instead they are defined by user in the runtime, and therefore I can't use ClientBundle.
I would really appreciate your help on this, especially on the last issue . Thanks in advance!


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