Thursday, August 28, 2014

Re: not able to maven install gwt-maven-plugin with org.eclipse.birt.runtime

If you search for BIRT in the group archives you'll find several other people facing the same (or similar) issue.
The reason is simple: BIRT depends on JDT/ECJ (or is it some other dependency?) which conflicts with the one GWT depends on (and currently packaged within gwt-dev).
Maven wants you to separate things that don't go together (e.g. client-side code that gets compiled to JS, and server-side code that runs in the JVM; each having their own dependencies) into their own projects/modules, and you never want to fight Maven.
So: split your project into a client and server modules, client depends on gwt-user and uses the gwt-maven-plugin to produce JavaScript (package that in a WAR or a ZIP), whereas server depends on gwt-servlet and, in your case, BIRT, and includes client (e.g. as a WAR overlay). You'll likely also have a shared module containing the Java code shared by both client and server (e.g. GWT-RPC or RequestFactory interfaces)
You'll find archetypes for that project layout at

On Wednesday, August 27, 2014 8:06:18 PM UTC+2, Pradeep nethagani wrote:
i did mvn clean install my project and when i have dependency 



in my pom.xml the install  hangs at 

INFO] --- gwt-maven-plugin:2.5.0:compile (build-processes) @ myproject

when i remove the birt runtime dependency its going good. any thoughts on this

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