Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DataGrid and EntityProxy

Hi everyone,

here is what i try to do:
I want to have a place, thats shows a list (datagrid). Depending on a parameter in the url (type=someEntity), the list should show different content, i.e.

/myURL/#search;type=cds --> Fetch all records from my CD table
/myURL/#search;type=artists--> Fetch all records from my artists table

On my other places I knew the EntityProxy in advance, so I wrote something like:
DataGrid<ArtistsProxy> dataGrid = new DataGrid<ArtistsProxy>();

Now its more generic and I dont know how to create the datagrid. I got to retrieve my EntityProxy by the stringparameter.
I read, that reflection wont work on the client-side and I should use a generator... So do I have to write a generator to get this working ?

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,

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