Thursday, August 28, 2014

Re: SuperDevMode and Tomcat


You might find the Tomcat Maven Plugin quite useful along with the Maven GWT Plugin. I don't know why you need to launch from Eclipse, but you might find the command line just as useful. I've known people that live by Eclipse to launch TC because of the configs they've saved to Eclipse, but you can pass those into the plugin as well, and then have them conveniently saved to a POM and versioned.

I find, once you've setup SDM in your X.gwt.xml, that these two lines are all you need.

1) Terminal one: mvn tomcat7:run-war
2) Terminal two: mvn gwt:run-codeserver

That's it! When I make backend updates (i.e. new service), I just cycle tomcat, but leave the code server. It's really pretty painless and makes you IDE agnostic.


Hope that helps,

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