Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Re: Is GWT code server JDPA compliant?

On Wednesday, August 27, 2014 8:13:02 AM UTC+2, wrote:
  Recently I'm attempting to use IntelliJ IDEA 13 CE to serve as debugger for the GWT dev mode which is launched by gradle. I'd like to use the free IDEA edition to debug the client code. However, it seems to me the code server running on 9997 is not JPDA compliant as IDEA complains connection failed.

That port talks a GWT-specific protocol. You'll want to launch the JVM in debug mode and attach to it, like any other Java program.
With the gwt-gradle-plugin, you're however given a gwtDev task with a debug option that enables JDPA on the 5005 port; see the bottom of
  Is it possible to debug GWT using IDEA CE? Or I have to use Eclipse/NetBean or the commercial version of IDEA?

You should be able to use any tool you want. And if using Eclipse for instance, you're not forced to install the Google Plugin for Eclipse. It should Just Work™.

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