Thursday, June 27, 2013

Re: Running GWT JUNIT programatically

Phew no idea. But if you just want to test your RemoteService implementation then you could:

1.) use to access your GWT RemoteServie through ordinary Java = pure JUnit TestCase.
2.) refactor your RemoteService implementation so that it does not depend on servlets so you can unit test it more easily, e.g.

PersonServiceServlet extends RemoteServiceServlet {

  private PersonService service = //... initialize with testing in mind

  public Person getPerson() {
    return service.getPerson();


In addition you could write a generic TestCase that scans your classpath for GWT-RPC services and then tests all classes involved if they meet GWT-RPC requirements, e.g. implement Serializable, no-arg default constructor present, no final fields, all fields are serializable themselves.

I think that way you can completely avoid GWTTestCase unless you want to test the communication itself (which I assume is already tested by GWT itself).

-- J.

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