Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Re: CellTable - TextColumn.getValue (null) - another strange problem

Am Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013 10:10:17 UTC+2 schrieb Thomas Broyer:
Looks like

Thank you!
This can cause a call to the Column's getValue(T object) with a null value, when the HasDataPresenter.setVisibleRange is called and null values are inserted at the beginning of the (pending) rowData collection and the focus in on one of the cells within those rows. 

"and null values are inserted at the beginning of the (pending) rowData collection":

I am not sure how to interpret this: The only time when I (my code) insert values into the list is within the onRangeChange method. Then, I make an aynchroneous server call and when it returns, I insert the data like this:

Pager pgr = getPager (); Range r = pgr.getDisplay().getVisibleRange(); int start = r.getStart(); pvrovider.updateRowData (start,lst); // lst contains the data

I am really sure that there are no null values within this data...

The issue you pointed to was posted in 2011. Is it still unsolved in GWT?


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