Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Compiling a Java applet to JavaScript using GWT and a custom library


I ported a molecular editor applet to JavaScript using GWT and a library that I developed: JSApplet. This library extends the JRE emulation for a subset of the Abstract Window Toolkit (events, windows, popumenu, 2D graphics, ...) and add new capabilities, such as HTML5 drag and drop, IOS and Android support. The original Java code of the applet required only minimal changes and it still can be used to generate a Java applet (jar file).
The capabilities and limitations of this library are described in my recent publication: http://www.jcheminf.com/content/5/1/24 .

My JavaScript "applet" can be seen in action here:http://www.molecular-networks.com/online_demos/corina_demo_interactive. The applet compiled with GWT is on left side (JSME). Interestingly, the one on the right side (JSmol), with 3D graphics, has been translated from Java using java2script (but not by me).

I have a question: is a library like JSApplet of general interest? Should I create an open source project?


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