Friday, June 28, 2013

Re: gwt-maven-archetype modular-webapp giving 404 Error

Hmm...I am little confused about the client-only modules. I have few GWT Client modules (mainly UI widgets) and i want to include them in my project. And if i do source package, i dont have to inherit the module in the gwt.xml, Am i right?

On Friday, June 28, 2013 1:02:30 AM UTC-7, Thomas Broyer wrote:

On Friday, June 28, 2013 1:35:36 AM UTC+2, Kathiravan Tamilvanan wrote:
The error was because of the port being used by another application. This all works beautifully with multiple shared components with web , client and service layer modules. 

What is right way to add third party gwt modules in the client code. Will it be more like the shared module with classifier sources dependency.

It depends whether they are "client only" modules or "shared" modules. For "client-only" I'd rather package the sources in the JAR.
For share modules that you want to reuse and/or that have themselves dependencies on other shared modules, I'd actually do a "client only" module (see the image in to makes things easier for users of the module(s).

Thanks Thomas for the wonderful plugin.

If you're talking about the CodeHaus' gwt-maven-plugin, I didn't do much besides releasing it. Most of the work has been done by others (Nicolas De Loof, Olivier Lamy, etc.)
The new gwt-maven-plugin (currently in net.ltgt.gwt.maven in alpha) is far from done but should make things easier for everyone. Once I have a gwt:run goal ready (and ability to fork the compiler in another process), I'll update the archetypes to use it instead of the CodeHaus' gwt-maven-plugin.

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