Monday, June 24, 2013

AstDumper is not giving consistent dumps

  I am using the arrgument -Dgwt.jjs.dumpAst to dump the AST during GWT compile.
  I am trying to understand which of the GWT modules we are using are causing the AST to become larger.
  However, each time I run it with the same list of GWT modules, the dump is different. I tried with running it with "-localWorkers 1" as argument to the compiler so that I get consistent results, but still the ASTs are different.
  For example,  the same class gets printed multiple times
class A extends B{
class A extends B{
final class A extends B{
  Sometimes it gets printed 3 times, sometimes 4 etc., not consistent. I see that the last one is kind of optimized by removing some of the member variables etc.
  How can I make the output consistent so that I can compare the dumps.

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