Monday, June 24, 2013


On 24/06/2013 10:54, Spiros Bilis wrote:
> I have a problem connecting my GWT plugin with my MATLAB javabuilder.jar JA. I use Eclipse
> Juno with matlab 2013a and compiler runtime version v81. [...]
> The problem is that GWT requires that I have
> java source code of javabuilder.jar but I don't have it (and cannot find it anywhere as an
> open-source toolbox).

You probably try to use this library on the client side. GWT needs the sources as it
converts Java source code to JavaScript. Note that not all Java can be converted this way!

> If there is a way to run GWT using Matlab compiled code and then
> convert it into war file to run it in Tomcat server

If you need the code only on the server side, there is no need for the source code.
I don't know this Matlab library, but I guess it can be quite big, so trying to run it as
JavaScript might be hard on the browser...
Maybe you can keep it on the server side, the client then send requests to process data on
the server and fetch the results.

Philippe Lhoste
-- (near) Paris -- France
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