Sunday, June 30, 2013

Re: gwt-maven-archetype modular-webapp giving 404 Error

On Friday, June 28, 2013 8:19:23 PM UTC+2, Kathiravan Tamilvanan wrote:
Hmm...I am little confused about the client-only modules. I have few GWT Client modules (mainly UI widgets) and i want to include them in my project. And if i do source package, i dont have to inherit the module in the gwt.xml, Am i right?

Here's how it goes:
The gwt-lib and gwt-app packagings call gwt:generate-module in the generate-resources phase. gwt:generate-module picks all META-INF/gwt/mainModule files which should contain module names, generates an <inherit/> for each of them and merges them with whatever is in src/main/Module.gwt.xml to generate the final module whose name is given in the plugin's configuration.
gwt-lib also calls gwt:generate-module-metadata in the generate-resources phase to generate the META-INF/gwt/mainModule file.
gwt-lib also indeed packages the sources within the JAR; it's only meant for client-only code.

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