Monday, June 24, 2013

Re: Dynamic CompositeCell

Jens wrote:
> You have to implement your own custom Cell for use in CellTable.
> Letting a cell render a dynamic list of checkboxes doesn't sound that
> hard to me.
> GWT can't provide cells for every possible use case.
Well, ok, I probably will do that for the checkboxes. But in my mind
this allows for nearly no reuse. If instead there would be something
like a CompositeCell where the number and type of child cells depend on
the row value, then this would be reusable in lots of cases. And
considering that this issue pops up quite some times on the internet I
guess it would be useful.

To be honest, I find creating custom Cells hard, because it feels low
level and also because Cells are completely different to use compared to
their counterpart widgets (e.g. Checkbox vs. CheckboxCell). That's why
I'm happy if there's something existing I can just use or plug together
(like the CompositeCell for fixed Cell number).

Do you think it would be hard to create a DynamicCompositeCell for
variable Cells? I don't have much experience with cells yet, only with
regular widgets, but I'd like to tackle that challenge if I get a little
help or advice.


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